A Year In Paradise …. Well.. .what an adventure!  This area of Greece is definitely challenging ! Living on the mountainside ‘twixt sea and craggy peak is certainly elemental. From sweltering hot, languid, endless  summer to wild, unpredictable,  stormy, windy winter.. From April  to November, a seamless  view[…]

Throwback blog from my early experiences in the Peloponnese  Your friendly lunatic is having the absolute time of her life on a new adventure in gorgeous Greece.,  Our house is on the mountainside, overlooking 80 kilometres of beautiful unspoilt protected azure bay and golden beach, nesting site of […]

’tis beauty truly blent An intense shimmer has been my overwhelming view of  recent days. Yesterday’s sunset  glowed  with  apricot and violet and the shifting  sea glistened  with  turquoise, amber and liquid silver. We camped under the stars right on the edge of the beach and felt the[…]

  There are only ever three ingredients needed in the making of truly organic, delicious  and nutritious marmalade: Citrus fruit, water and organic cane sugar. That’s all you need! So get making! The engrossing and  enjoyable task of making marmalade is justified by the huge quantities of ripe[…]