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Tamsorella’s produce handcrafted organic luxury goods: such as delicious  unfiltered  extra virgin olive oil , Kalamon olives honey, limoncello, pomegranate liqueur, marmalade, herbal therapy creams and beauty products  which  are available to  purchase online and are shipped internationally. Tamsorella’s  Organic Luxury from Kalamata in the Peloponnese,  offers home-grown, hand crafted  delicacies from the Kyparissia  bay region of the Southern Peloponnese in Greece .

The huge arc of the bay is over  80 km long and is famous as a protected site for the loggerhead turtles who nest there in  thousands over the Summer months. Leading to the Ionian sea, and the Islands of Zakynthos, Kephalonia and Ithaca, these magical waters, according to Homer were mythically  traversed by the adventuresome Odysseus and his men on their return from the Trojan war. The agriculture of the region is verdant and richly endowed.  Kalamata Olives are famously coveted and the  mountains of  Kyparissia have engendered legendary literary praise  from renowned authors and scholars such as  Lord Bryon, Paddy Leigh-Fermor and Rex Warner.

Our  olive groves are situated on the mountain,  overlooking the arc of the  bay.  Nurtured through mineral- rich mountain water and brilliant sunshine , they  produce authentic extra virgin olive oil and  fabulous Kalamata eating olives, locally known as Kalamon. Our citrus trees, in sun-drenched orchards, produce a colourful variety of  succulent  fruit.   Wild culinary and medicinal herbs  proliferate on the land giving credence to the wide-spread belief that the Mediterranean diet significantly contributes to a long and healthy life.

Historically, olive oil has been revered and harvested by the Greeks for over 4000 years. In Classical literature, Homer referred to it as ‘liquid gold’   The olive tree and its life – giving oil  has a sacred place in mythology and ancient lore. Hippocrates wrote widely   on the astonishing healing effects of olive oil  decreeing  ‘Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food’.  The health giving, nourishing properties of extra  virgin olive oil make it indeed a  ‘super food’.  Medical science  notes its capacity to lower  cholesterol levels in our blood, due to mono-unsaturated fats, and  antioxidant polyphenols  which  reduce  the risk of heart disease.

Our extra virgin olive oil is freshly harvested and locally pressed, fully organic, unfiltered with 0.2  acidity. The taste is incredibly fresh and vibrant,   making  a  beautiful addition to salads, sauces, and almost every savoury and sweet dish that you can think of. We love to put a bowl of oil on the table simply for the delight of dipping into  with crusty bread!Our oil is also  an important ingredient in our aromatherapy range because of its emollient healing properties  and nurturing benefits for the skin, hair and nails. We collected our glossy black eating olives in December too, then brined them in sea salty water, seasoning with a touch of olive oil and vinegar when cured. Our beehives are flourishing and the bees are delighted to feast on lavender,  pine,  thyme and wild flowers and spread their life- giving pollen far and wide.

We will be bottling oil and liqueurs,  filling  jars with olives,marmalade  and honey,  and making up  Christmas  hamper baskets and aromatherapy gift boxes ready for November sales tours in the U.K.  These events are always very popular with  customers  who sample our delicious produce and  stock up on  goodies and gifts  for  Christmas. We are thrilled to be appearing this  year at Shiplake College, Henley  on Nov 10th, Clifton College, Bristol  on  November 15th and  Stonor Park Christmas Fair 2018, near Henley on 22nd-25th November as well as our usual  homestead events
Tamsorella also creates  genuinely  organic aromatherapy products using medicinal herbs and plants  grown on the estate such as echinacea,  lavender, lemon verbena,  rose geranium, rosemary, clary sage , peppermint, thyme, basil, jasmine, calendula , chamomile  and  citrus fruits and flowers. We  distill the essential  oils from the flowers, leaves and stem and roots and use them to create soaps, herbal creams, oils salves and tinctures, candles, lotion bars and bathing products.Find us online at
Fb page tamsorellas: ‘Organic Foods and Herbal Remedies’

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One comment on “Organic Luxury from Kalamata

  1. Carol Grace on said:

    It is a delight to be a regular client of Tamsorellas. I enjoy all her creams and soaps on a daily basis.
    The gold bath oil is one of her most recent creations. It is absolutely luxourious. I take a hot bath every night with it. The splendid combination of oils cling to my body. After 20 to 30 minutes of soaking I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. It is a full body treatment. I top off the experience by turning off the lights and lighting one or two of her scented candles at the foot of my tub and and continue to soak, relax and meditate. I liken it to bathing in liquid gold.