Artemis Balm

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Silky smooth Artemis balm is made for emotional healing. Using the essential oils and flower  waters of clary sage, lemon verbena, ylang ylang, may chang, lavender and sweet orange, the balm is created  to balance emotions, soothe stress away, relax and lighten the mood whilst deeply moisturising the skin with cocoa  and shea butter, coconut, avocado and jojoba oils.

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3 reviews for Artemis Balm

  1. William Huntington

    Philippe Scott

    I bought this balm last month and really loved it. I ordered online and it arrived quickly , even the box smelt wonderful. It’s a smooth creamy consistency with top notes of lemon verbena and melissa with ylang ylang lavender and clary sage essential oils and herb hydrosols whipped up in cocoa butter shea butter and avocado oil. It’s an incredibly silky whippy gorgeous product which smells citrus and sweet and herby at the same time. I felt much better after applying it. My daughter loves it too. I would definitely order this again.

  2. Hayley Smith

    Amazing product, smells divine and is sooooo good for my post c-section tummy and skin.

  3. Sarah Templeman

    Fantastic product. Really light and easily absorbed. Smelt delicious and my skin loved it. Will definitely be reordering.

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