Arthritis Balm

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This therapeutic, healing and pain relieving balm helps to reduce arthritic pain and painful joints. It is made with St John’s wort balsam, shea butter, dandelion oil, organic beeswax, olive oil, hydrosol ( flower water) of orange and essential oils of peppermint, juniper berry, bay, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. The combination of these oils produces a medicinal,  pain relieving and soothing balm which  can act on the inflammation of the  joints by drawing the uric acid away, reducing the swelling  when gently massaged into the affected joints at night.

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2 reviews for Arthritis Balm

  1. Joy Huntington

    Arthritis is a real pain, both physically & literally! However, after using ‘Tamsorella’ balm on my dodgy knees for a week, the effects were amazing: I was in less pain and simply applying this balm felt so soothing. I want to avoid surgery to eliminate arthritic pain and this balm is helping me in my objective. Thank you ‘Tamsorella’

    • William Huntington

      Tamsorellas Tamsorellas

      Arthritis is a very debilitating yet common complaint, I’m very glad that the active ingredients in the balm seem to be having a significant healing effect. It is very useful to have the plant lore available to be able to cure oneself without recourse to invasive surgery on the joints. I’m very pleased the balm is working for you Joy and thanks very much for the review.

  2. Eva Vojtová

    EVo (verified owner)

    This cream is incredibly well mixed for pain relief. I use it actively in case of backbone pains of various kinds (blockage of neck, pain in hipster area etc.) and it works, especially together with massage.
    Great product. Thank You.

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