Elderberry sea buckthorn and thyme tincture

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This tincture is designed to holistically fight a viral infection by  helping the body to protect the respiratory tract , boosting important vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream  and helping to fight  the invading germs. It is a strong medicine and should be taken by pipette  in 1 ml doses twice daily diluted in a small glass of water  or mixed with honey to sooth a sore throat  morning and night when the symptoms of a cough, cold or  viral infection begin to appear. We use the highly aromatic and medicinal  Greek coastal thyme, elderberry , elderflower and leaf and  sea buckthorn berries  steeped for 4 months  in finely distilled Greek  tsipouro  for a powerful  helping agent  against bronchitis , pneumonia,  colds, coughs and flu.

1 review for Elderberry sea buckthorn and thyme tincture

  1. William Huntington

    Dimitris Agopopolos

    This is an amazing tincture which actually works. I took it for a week while experiencing nasal congestion, coughing and a sore throat and recovered much more quickly with less symptoms. Dimitris

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