Extra virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil

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Our single estate extra-virgin olive oil is 0.2 acidity, unfiltered and freshly harvested. The taste is incredibly fresh and vibrant; zingy, silky and warm with a touch of pepper, a beautifully healthy and delicious addition to salads, sauces, marinades, grills, casseroles, roasts and almost every savoury dish you can think of. Since all our oil is freshly harvested and unfiltered, a small amount of sediment will be seen collecting at the bottom of the bottle or can. This is a perfectly natural process, indeed most people believe that the sediment is by far the tastiest part We love to put a bowl of oil on the table simply for the delight of dipping into with crusty bread and flakes of salt! Choose to buy  in single-litre flagons, single-litre cans or three-litre cans from the drop-down menu.

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Extra virgin olive oil is one of the hallmarks of this area of the Peloponnese.  The squat and silvered trees are planted in neat groves everywhere and carefully tended by farmers such as ourselves who revere the precious green gold. What makes our oil so unique, healthy  and incredibly delicious is a combination of factors. Firstly the  time of harvest which is  early in our case,  giving the oil a beautiful zingy, peppery freshness  and a deep green gold colour. In addition, the specific variety of olives  our trees produce, called Koroneiki  are very, very  juicy and flavoursome, and full of oil by early December. Next, the swiftness of production after hand- picking.  We make absolutely sure that no more  than eight  hours go by between picking and cold pressing locally.  This step is crucial for retaining freshness of flavour. Finally, the method of cold -pressing. As we do not filter our oil, believing that the precious organic goodness would be lost if we did,  each bottle and  can  we produce retains all its organic health giving vitality and crucial anti-oxidants to help the body maintain  physical health. Most usually our oil tests at 0.2 acidity, which places  it at the very top of the extra virgin classification. Extra – extra virgin if you like!   In addition  to all  those specific factors indicated above, the over arching  reason that  our oil is so much tastier and  healthier  than any supermarket brand or local competition,  is  that we are very small scale, and as we work happily, organically and ethically with locals who love the land,  we ensure quality control throughout the seasons through nature and  nurture.

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4 reviews for Extra virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil

  1. William Huntington

    Christopher Dorridge

    This oil is unquestionably amongst the best I have ever tasted, and looks and tastes very much as the description says, A golden green unfiltered appearance in a useful and attractive corked flagon. it is slightly peppery, zingy, smooth and extremely authentic. I thought the price was very reasonable too, I will be buying a lot more of this oil at your Easter Sales.It was easy to purchase online and delivered to venue as requested. Great work Tamsorella’s.

    • William Huntington

      Tamsorellas Tamsorellas

      Thanks very much Chris. We really value your positive comments on our oil. It actually makes all the hard work worthwhile! Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

  2. Judy Jagmohan

    I live in Greece and know a bit about olive oil having been here for 15 years (that’s a lot of olive oil) I purchased 20 kilos of Tamsorellas Olive Oil as it came recommended to me by a Greek friend and it’s the smoothest and tastiest oil I’ve used. It combines the rich peppery rounded flavour of Messinian / Kalamata olive oil with a fragrant taste. This is real olive oil at its best!!!

    • William Huntington

      Tamsorellas Tamsorellas

      Thank you Judy ! It’s great to have a review from a connoisseur! We make every effort to ensure our oil is consistently the best quality available. Tell us when you want your next 20 kilos.

  3. Libby Warner

    Delicious olive oil! Amazingly green colour. Great to to cook with and also use straight from the bottle to dip bread in or make dressing. Highly recommended!

  4. Sarah Templeman

    Best olive oil I have ever used. Really fresh with a real depth of taste. It was delicious and perfect for fresh salads, sauces and cooking in general. A really high quality and the best part was seeing the trees the olives came from and knowing exactly how it got from tree to table. An amazing product.

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