Minty Foot Balm

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This refreshing minty balm contains shea butter, balsam, olive oil, hydrosol ( flower water) of sweet orange, beeswax and essential oils of eucalyptus, tea-tree, lavender and peppermint for a soothing, smoothing, anti–bacterial creamy balm. Use after bathing or showering to gently moisturise the skin, soften hardened skin and guard against fungal infection. It will leaves your  feet and toes feeling wonderfully refreshed and beautifully and  cleanly moisturised.

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2 reviews for Minty Foot Balm

  1. Joy Huntington

    I love this foot balm. Having tried several different and more expensive brands, this minty, eucalytpus smelling product feels so soothing yet invigorating. In terms of quality, it is superb and the value for money is exceptional. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to pamper and ease feet that keep us all upright.

  2. Eva Vojtová

    EVo (verified owner)

    I love this product as well. Have used it not as foot balm, but as a savior for my neck. I faced heavy neck pain and blockade this summer caused by big temperature differences (too low a/c). The recommendation of my physiotherapist was clear… use something minty, so I did. In combination with the arthritis balm, the problem was solved in few days…
    Thank You, Tamsorella

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