Orange and Lemon Marmalade

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Our marmalade is absolutely packed with sun-drenched oranges and lemons and bursting with fresh citrus flavour. it tastes of the sun and is redolent with Medditeraean aroma.  we use unrefined cane sugar which adds a buttery , caramel sweetness. We make our marmalade slowly, with love and pride  from the fabulous  fruits growing in our orchard Those who taste it are unlikely to want any other. Quite simply delicious. To find out how we make it click here

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1 review for Orange and Lemon Marmalade

  1. Jo Shobbrook

    I bought a jar of this a month ago and it’s already gone. Simply the best marmalade I’ve ever eaten : really yummy and citrusy and really impressed by the pieces of lemon and orange. I’d definitely recommend it

    • William Huntington

      Tamsorellas Tamsorellas

      Brilliant! So glad you liked the marmalade! I really enjoy making up batches in my huge marmalade pot and stirring with my gigantic spoon! We’re bringing 100 more jars to the UK for the Spring Tour, very orangey and lemony!

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