Soothing skin balm

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This healing aromatherapy  balm works wonders. It was created to provide relief for sore, inflamed,  irritated skin and to combat the discomfort of eczema,  psoriasis and sunburn. It contains medicinal plant extracts with healing properties.  We blended pure fresh organic beeswax  with infused oil of calendula, chamomile and lemon balm, added avocado, coconut and jojoba oil, and essential oils of lavender, sweet orange , lemon verbena and may-chang, then whipped it up with sweet orange and lavender flower waters (hydrosol). Our balm melts into the skin, nourishing, moisturising, healing, soothing  and calming ,reducing roughness, soreness and irritation. Use daily.

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50 gr, 120 gr

2 reviews for Soothing skin balm

  1. Ruqayah Dennis

    I was on holiday in Greece and had terrible heat rash and a breakout of eczema! I was so itchy, luckily Tamsorella came to the rescue! This balm completely soothed my itch and made my holiday much more enjoyable!!!!

  2. Tamara Warner

    I’m very glad the balm was able to help sooth your skin. Thank you for tge review

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