Super-healing skin toner for hormonal acne breakouts

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This  cleansing, healing  super-toner combines the powerfully cleansing antiseptic, antibacterial, pain relieving  and anti- inflammatory properties of tea-tree, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils  with the soothing, cooling and calming properties of pure organic witchhazel. Four simple ingredients to reduce the painful inflammation, redness and blocked pores  of an acne outbreak. Infectious impurities are destroyed  and the pores powerfully cleansed whilst the  skin begins the  healing process. Apply the toner with cotton wool morning and evening during breakouts and daily to maintain blemish deeply cleansed free skin.


This skin toner is specially designed to heal, rebalance and cleanse   hormonal and  teenage skin suffering from severe acne breakouts.  The blend of  pure organic witch hazel with essential oils of lavender, eucalptus and tea-tree oils packs a powerful medicinal punch and instantly cools and sooths  skin suffering an outbreak .  The combination of essential  oils and  witch hazel generate an instant  anti- inflammatory,  antibacterial, and antiseptic action , gently deep- cleansing the skin by  drawing the excess sebum  away from the pores and destroying  infectious impurities. Use morning and night to banish breakouts and keep skin clean and clear.

1 review for Super-healing skin toner for hormonal acne breakouts

  1. ianthe

    i started using this on tam’s recommendation to try and alleviate some of the scars around my chin area from years of spots. i had a habit of squeezing them so it was red and irritated. almost immediately when i started using this, the skin became less angry and more supple, evening out the tone. i use a q-tip to apply it to the area overnight every other night and the difference is amazing! i also use it on any spots that are emerging and it reduces the inflammation overall. i love it!

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