Easter and Christmas Hampers


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A  Tamsorella ‘Taste of Heaven’ hamper basket , or gourmet hamper is an excellent choice for a truly special  Easter or Christmas gift or to simply re-stock  your own larder.  inside you will find a seasonal feast  to bring home the delicious flavours, textures and aromas of Greece from our organic gardens in the Peloponnese. Perfect for those who prefer their food naturally produced and packed with real flavours and organic goodness from the sun, the earth and the rain. Each hamper typically contains:

One flagon of extra virgin, cold pressed unfiltered, single-estate olive oil is pressed within 12 hours of picking from the trees  by our  local olive press, less than one km. from the olive groves.

A kilner jar of  Kalamon olives are home cured in sea-salty brine after which we lightly dress them  with wine vinegar and cover them with  oil before decanting into jars. The process takes about six week from picking to eating.

A jar of orange marmalade,  made with love. It takes a long time  to make a really good marmalade! We pick over 60 oranges from the orchard for  every batch of twenty jars that  we make  and add lemons,  limes  and unrefined cane sugar for a deliciously deep  flavour and a citrus kick.

A pot of silky aromatic honey , sourced from mountain hives with  happy bees who feast on spring flowers, lavender, thyme, fir, pine,chestnut and oak trees and spring flowers. Poured over Greek yoghurt or spread on toast, it’s a sumptuous breakfast treat. I like to make honey, walnut and apricot flapjacks, but that’s another story.

A bundle of aromatic herbal  teas, grown in the organic garden, dried in the heat of summer and packaged by hand, including peppermint, chamomile, lemon verbena and Greek mountain tea.

Three bottles of  tincture ; Greek lemon tincture,  pomegranate tincture and echinacea tincture , all medicinal and absolutely delicious.

We hope you enjoy every mouthful of your Taste of Heaven hamper this Christmas or Easter.

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