Huge Thank you ! Highlights from Tamsorella’s Easter Sales Tour 2018

Firstly we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU!  To all our wonderful hosts and  supporters who were the highlight of our tour ! Without all of you  making an absolutely brilliant effort to invite friends and guests,  to welcome us into your homes,  to have us stay over, put up with all the stress, excitement, packaging,  bottles, crate upon crate of new products , fevered sales pitches, endless prosecco pouring and thronging hordes in your homes!

It was  pretty  exhausting for everybody concerned, but totally worth it  and , I’m relieved to say, an overwhelming success! We were thrilled that our new products  were so highly regarded,  highlights here were the  incredible Gourmet black honeys and honeycombs, the fruit tinctures, and the new range of aromatherapy creams and  balms. The Mother’s Day Specials flew off the table with particular highlights being  the  shea butter, rose geranium and ylang ylang luxury cream soaps and the organic beeswax and vanilla body-butter bars. It was heartwarming to see that the old favourites such as orange and lemon  marmalade,  Kalamon olives and  flagons of extra-virgin olive oil so eagerly sought after and the  aromatherapy and herbal range, especially the  Rejuvenation face cream and Echinacea tincture  pre-ordered and  sold out !

Our next  homestead sales and charity business events in the  UK will be in November, with a business breakfast and charity event at Clifton College dates TBC and a three day Christmas Sale with  ‘Country Homes and Interiors magazine’ held in  Stonor Park, near Henley on Thames. Lucy Jacobs has plenty of free passes to the event so do message her if you’d like some.

We’d like to set up a quarterly newsletter  highlighting items of seasonal jnterest and pictures  of lovely places to visit out here, as well as a round up of the herbal plants and new products and exciting information on our guest house /retreat ‘Lavender Lodge’ for interested folk, do leave an email on the website contact page if you’d like to sign up.

Below are some lovely pictures taken at  the homestead venues  by our kind hosts.  Please do leave a review on the Website of your favourite purchases and any new products that you have tried,  and link others into the blog pages .Look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Yassas !

Tamsorella  xxx





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2 comments on “Huge Thank you ! Highlights from Tamsorella’s Easter Sales Tour 2018

  1. Joy Huntington on said:

    The rejuvenating cream is a delight to use on my skin and the olives are the best I have ever tasted. Your products are authentic, live up to your descriptions and reflect your ethos to use only naturally sourced ingredients. Well done on priducing a beautiful and highly usable range of goods.