Tamsorella’s Responsible Travel Policy




HlResponsible Travel Policy

We run a mountainside olive-grove smallholding sustainably in the southern Peloponnese in Greece, selling our produce locally and online. Our goal is to provide an excellent range of seasonal produce, wholesome organic extra virgin olive oil and fresh garden foods, citrus products and healing herbal therapies all grown on our single estate. We aim to share our experiences of this beautiful area of the Peloponnese with visitors who care about the quality of their food and the preservation of the natural environment. Lavender Lodge is intended to be a tranquil retreat for guests to enjoy local foods, explore the bountiful wildlife and nature in our gardens and grove and to receive therapeutic wellness treatments such as massages and aromatherapy days  as well as participating in cultural archaeological visits and appreciating nature in areas of outstanding beauty such as waterfalls and island coves.

Our Policy Aims

Welcome to Tamsorella’s Greek Garden:  our mission is to sustainably maintain a glorious mountain retreat where the bounty of nature abides. We grow and harvest Koroneiki olives which produce  extra virgin olive oil, Kalamon eating olives, oranges, lemons, limes, pomegranates and a stunning variety of  aromatic, therapeutic and medicinal herbs to soothe the body and soul. The fertile earth is organically farmed and  nurtured through sun and rain to produce intensely aromatic and therapeutic herbs and incredibly flavoursome fruits that everyone can enjoy. Our goal is to provide an excellent  range of seasonal produce, creating wholesome organic foods and healing therapeutic gifts from our smallholding and to share them with customers who care about the quality of their food and wish to replenish both body and soul.

Economic Responsibility

We aim to work in accordance with local practices, customs and expectations regarding olive farming and sustainable living.

We support our local business by buying exclusively from them for all of our farming requirements.

We employ local olive pickers and farm maintenance workers when necessary and use the local press for our harvests.

We grow most of our own food and obtain the rest from local suppliers.

We have made substantial  donations to Archelon, the Sea  Turtle protection society of Greece which operates along Kyparissia bay and we include a conservation visit in our itinerary of activities when appropriate. We employ local professional skippers for our boat trips and support all local tourist conservationist enterprises.

Environmental Responsibility

Energy efficiency: We heat our properties by using wood-burning stoves to burn our own wood which has been naturally pruned each year from our olive trees. We heat our water with solar panels.

Recycling: We provide separate recycling bins for our guests at Lavender Lodge and we dispose of these  appropriately, recycling as much paper, plastic cardboard and glass as we can.

Water use and conservation: We encourage all guests to save water  through the use of appropriate signage. We use waterbutts and onsite underground reservoirs around the property to conserve natural rain-water for irrigation of the land and for any other use.

Local projects with environmental benefits: We run trips in conjunction with Archelon (Turtle Conservation) where travellers learn about such issues as the environmental threat to turtles. We organise trips to visit the local Watermill where visitors learn about the local production of bread.

Gardening: We grow plants, herbs and flowers organically to attract pollinators and use our plants to create herbal healing remedies and aromatherapy products

The packages we offer entirely support and uphold the preservation of ancient monuments  and archaeology, culture and cultural practice in our local area of the Peloponnese.

Social Responsibility

Social and Political:  Before each trip all guests are given information covering the history( both social and political) of the place to be visited in the form of a talk  followed by a guided tour and they are provided with access to up to date guide book material

Minimising negative Impact : We run every trip from a standpoint of environmental conservation, highlighting issues of pollution, litter or any action contrary to the preservation of the ancient artifacts or cultural importance  attached to the sites which we visit.

We are local guides,: Bill is an Oxford Classics graduate with an in-depth knowledge of Greek archaelogical sites  and 40 years experience in teaching and taking trips to Greece. Tamsorella has a certificate in botanical herbal remedies and aromatherapy massage with 25 years teaching experience in Ancient Greek Theatre and Drama

Social projects : We run educational guided cultural trips to Olympia (site and museum), the museum of Hora, Nestor’s Palace, Pylos Castle and harbour, Epidauros ( ancient amphitheatre), Messene and Mycenae with the intention of patronising  relevant social and cultural tourist establishments.