What we do

    • Extra virgin olive oil, single estate, cold pressed, unfiltered
    • Luxury Gourmet Organic foods and Aromatherapy gifts from Greece
    • Kalamata ‘Kalamon’ olives
    • Greek lemon and pomegranate and echinacea  tinctures
    • Marmalades and honeys
    • Aromatherapy beauty products : creams. balms, soaps, candles, massage bars
    • Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Welcome to Tamsorella’s Greek Garden, where the bounty of nature abides. We provide handmade luxury and gourmet organic foods and wonderful aromatherapy gifts and healing remedies .

We grow and harvest Koroneiki olives which produce the very best extra virgin olive oil, Kalamon eating olives, oranges, lemons, limes, pomegranates and a stunning variety of  aromatic, therapeutic  and medicinal herbs to soothe the body and soul, and to delight the taste buds and feed the body with natural produce and goodness. The fertile earth is organically farmed and  nurtured through sun and rain to produce intensely aromatic and therapeutic herbs and incredibly  flavoursome fruits that everyone can enjoy.

Agiannaki Beach

The glorious Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to the cultivation of wonderful healing herbs such as Lavenders, Thymes. Lemon balm, Sages, Lemon Verbena, Rose scented geranium, Jasmine, Basils, Calendula, Chamomile and Mints. We harvest the herbs and flowers  and distil the essential oils and hydrosols of these to infuse our beauty products,and treat the body and mind with the floral and herbal essences of nature.

Our orchard produces beautiful colourful fruits such as lemons, limes,mandarins, oranges, pomegranates and figs, all redolent with aroma, colour and flavour. Our handmade tinctures capture the fruity  essences in a  bottle. Our marmalades make full use of the citrus orchard and are second to none!

The olive groves yield a substantial crop which is cold pressed locally to produce deliciously tasty and aromatic unfiltered  Extra Virgin olive oil and plump, glossy, eating Kalamons. The olives and the olive oil we produce are among the best in the world  and are hand- picked,  carefully  cured, pressed and bottled  with love  and pride.

Olive Grove

The therapeutic benefits of using essential oils and herbal remedies to heal the body and improve well-being are instilled in folk lore and cultural wisdom around the world. Consequently, growing herbs to practice aromatherapy was an underlying principle in the cultivation of our organic garden.


Front porch at Villa Levanda

The mountainous area of the Peloponnese is so verdantly blessed with sun rain and rich soil that our plants and trees have flourished beyond all measure and we are thrilled to be able to share nature’s bounty and healing powers with you.

Taste of Heaven Hamper


Our goal is to provide an excellent  range of seasonal produce, creating wholesome organic foods and healing therapeutic gifts from our smallholding and to share them with customers who care about the quality of their food and wish to replenish both body and soul.