Welcome to Tamsorella's Greek Garden

Welcome to Tamsorella’s Greek Garden, where the bounty of nature abides. She grows and harvest aromatic and medicinal herbs to soothe the body and soul, and delicious fruits to delight the taste buds and feed the body with natural produce and goodness. The fertile earth is nurtured through sun and rain to produce intensely aromatic and therapeutic herbs and incredibly  flavoursome fruits that everyone can enjoy.

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Taste of Heaven (Outside)
Body and Soul (Outside)
Herbs and Plants (Outside)
Taste of Heaven (Inside)
Body and Soul (Inside)
Herbs and Plants (Inside)

Lavender Lodge: Luxury Log-Cabin

Visit Tamsorella  at Lavender Lodge for a glorious Greek Get-away.

We cannot wait to return. Happy memories are not enough – we want to repeat the experience again! Can’t recommend a holiday at Tamara and Bill's more highly!
I have never seen such amazing sun sets. We all enjoyed a tour around the olive grove that surrounds the lodge, and
Tamara's aromatherapy treatments and organic herbal products
were the icing on the cake for me!
The herbal and aromatherapy workshops demonstrations and packages that Tamara provided had something for everyone and I think we just about sampled everything.